Fax cover sheets are used as an integral part of fax message, but many of us wonder and struggle as to how to fill out a fax cover sheet when they are filling it for the very first time.

Fax cover sheet is generally used as the tool or medium of sharing the mutual contacts information of both the concerned parties, so that the main fax message can be sent to the right recipient from the genuine sender.

How to Fill Out a Fax Cover Sheet

Moreover, fax cover sheet can convey the other information of fax to the recipient, which is not meant to be mentioned in the main fax message. For instance, you can pass the basic instructions to the recipient about the main fax message or share the subject matter and nature of fax along with the total number of pages in fax.

How to Fill Out a Fax Cover Sheet Template

Filling Out Fax Cover Sheet

Well, we understand that any user who is using the fax cover sheet may find it difficult and clueless, as to how and with what information this cover sheet should be filled.

Keeping this complexity in our consideration here we are breaking down the entire composition of fax cover sheet in step by step process guide.

This guide will help you in understanding the cover sheet along with the basic ways of filling it out in an easy manner.

  • The top of the fax cover sheet starts with the letterhead of the organization’s name in the big letters so that sender can easily understand the sending end address.
  • Next, the main left line of fax starts from the addressing keyword “To” it simply means the recipient to whom fax cover is to be sent.
  • Now the other right side the keyword “From” is written in which we write the name of the sender who is sending the fax cover.
  • You are advised to mention the full name of both the receiver and the sender in their respective heads.
  • In the next line, we come to the “Fax Number” head in which the sender should mention their fax number for the contact purpose.
  • The fax number should always come before the phone number.
  • Now we come to the subject matter of fax which is generally written as “Re” and there you have to mention the subject of fax cover with which it is being sent to the recipient.
  • You can mention the total number of “pages” in the next line which are being attached in the fax cover.
  • For future reference, you are supposed to mention the date as well so that the actual date of sending cover sheet can be known in the future.
  • At last, you can draft a few boxes just before the main content of the fax.
  • These boxes are meant to understand the nature and purpose of cover sheet for the receiver to respond back to the sender.
  • The boxes can be named as “Urgent”, “For Review”,”Please Comment” etc depending upon the requirement of fax cover from the sender.

So, this is how you can draft and fill out the fax cover sheet for your fax message. We hope that the format would make it simpler for your understanding to understand the cover sheet of fax message.

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